tuned city - documentation

February 7th, 2008

tuned city documentation

The complete documentation of the tuned city preview symposium (26th january) is online now.

The audio documentation of the lectures and presentations is on the symposium page.
A photo documentation by pablosanz from mediateletipos.net can be found here.
There is also a photo documentation of the tuned space evening at clubtransmediale by pablosanz and one made by the official clubtransmediale photographer photophunk here.

pablosanz archived also some small videos of the tuned space performance.

tuned city

October 29th, 2007

tuned city

conference, exhibition and performance-series
july 2008, berlin
tuned city

Tuned City - Between sound and space speculation is an exhibition and conference project planned for July 2008 in Berlin which proposes a new evaluation of architectural spaces from the perspective of the acoustic.
The project draws the traditions of critical discussion about urban space within the architecture and urban planning discourse–as well as its strategies and working methods–into the context of sound art. This expanded discussion reenforces the potential of the spatial and communicative properties of sound as a tool and means of urban practice.

At the foundations of this event are artists’ works and theoretical approaches which examine in a critical and sensitive way the given urban and architectural situations alongside their resulting socio-political implications, that re-use existing spaces or that conceive and open new spaces.

A dialogue will be built at the intersection of both disciplines which traces out the complex relations and interactions of space-sound, both presenting and testing new strategies, methods, possibilities and potentials of sound work within the artistic and applied context.

Within the frame of clubtransmediale 08 we are going to give a preview on the summer programme with a theoretical introduction and presentations of the commissioned artists and one full evening of performance programme (with Dallas Simpson (UK), BJ Nielsen + Hildur Gudnadottir (DK/IS), Mattin (Bask), Daniel Menche (US), Mark Bain (US/NL)… .

For more info go to:

„Tuned City“ is funded by

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time’s up sensor workshop at tesla

July 9th, 2007

times_up_tesla_54.jpg, originally uploaded by festival_garage.

more images from the workshop and the current setup at tesla can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/festival_garage/sets/72157600548604416/

time’s up at tesla - adventurous playground opening

June 30th, 2007

times_up_tesla_21.jpg, originally uploaded by festival_garage.

more images of the project can be found here.

time’s up - the hub (produced by garage & tesla}

June 18th, 2007

(foto: annette schaefer, berlin)
aubau 01 times up


more images can be found here

for a whole month (18th of june – 18th of july) time’s up transfers
its laboratory for the construction of experimental situations from
the harbour of linz to the media-art-laboratory tesla.
in the foyer, club and inner courtyard of the podewils’sches palais
time’s up presents new installations and interfaces, e.g. the
movinginformationmachine and the adventurous playground, where the
audience can playfully participate in the acoustic and architectural
design of their environment. presentations and workshops as well as
an open lab situation give insight into the working methods and
approaches of the group. discussions and performances offer
interfaces and sources of friction with other presentation formats,
artists and topics. the central topic “interface” will also be
examined in its double meaning in relation to the role and function
of a media art house as a place for production and mediation.
between data flow and playground, workshop and public experiment,
concert and performance, inside and outside, in a deck chair on the
pool and at breakfast in the courtyard - the t e s l a / time’s up
hub gives the opportunity to docking, exchange, networking, to pass
on and to mediate. a hub that brings the summer flair of the harbour
of linz to berlin.


further information
> time table
> time’s up
> installations
> salons
> workshops
> remixes


read more about the programme here >>>>>:

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finally - archivraum docu online

May 6th, 2007


The video documentation on the project “Archivverfassung” by visomat inc. at garage 2005 is finally online. (quicktime movie 12,9 mb)

time’s up at tesla medien >kunst< labor

May 4th, 2007

work in progress

projekteröffnung: foyer | sa. 23. juni 2007 | 20:30 h

für einen ganzen monat [18. juni bis 18. juli] wird time’s up [a] sein labor zur konstruktion experimenteller situationen aus dem linzer hafen in das medienkunstlabor tesla verlegen.

räumliche, programmatische und inhaltliche begebenheiten und interessen werden verwoben, erweitert und verbreitert. bespielt werden das foyer, der klub und der innenhof. neue interfacegruppen von time’s up werden als ausgangsbasis für verschiedene untersuchungen dienen. der adventures playground, der primär im innenhof besucher verführen soll, sich spielerisch an der akustischen als auch architektonischen gestaltung der umgebung zu beteiligen, wird durch die präsenz der movinginformationmachine auch in die innenräume des podewils’schen palais eingreifen.

das zentrale thema interface soll in bezug auf die rolle und funktion eines medienkunsthauses als produktions- wie auch als vermittlungsort untersucht werden. präsentationen und workshops sowie eine offene arbeitssituation werden einblick in die arbeitsweisen und methoden von time’s up geben. ein begleitendes diskursives und performatives programm wird schnittstellen und reibungsflächen mit anderen präsentationsformaten, künstlern und themenbereichen bieten.

zwischen datenfluss und playground, workshop oder public experiment, konzert oder performance, drinnen oder draußen, im liegestuhl am pool oder beim frühstück im hof - tesla / time’s up hub gibt gelegenheit zum andocken, austauschen, vernetzen, weitergeben und vermitteln. ein umschlagplatz, der das sommerliche flair des linzer hafens nach berlin bringt.

time’s up - labor zur konstruktion experimenteller situationen
1996 im linzer hafen gegründet versucht die eher konnektiv denn kollektiv organisierte gruppe die gebräuchlich beschriebenen grenzen der disziplinen kunst, wissenschaft und unterhaltung auszuweiten und zu vernetzen. in den entstehenden, interdisziplinären spannungsfeldern sind die arbeitsbereiche und forschungsinteressen von time’s up angesiedelt.

weitere informationen: www.timesup.org

interface workshop vom 05. bis 07. juli
anmeldung unter: tina<>timesup<>org
teilnehmerzahl begrenzt!

time’s up at tesla berlin

February 16th, 2007

time's up

From 22. June - 15. July the Linz (Austria) based time’s up - Laboratory for the construction of experimental Situations - will move their sensory development camp to Berlins TESLA. In cooperation with tesla garage will produce a month full of open-air sensory action, workshops, performances and talks. More information soon.

media-space stuttgart

October 19th, 2006


… one more attempt on the radio topic.
one of the important points is the ’signal to noise’ ratio in the fast growing jungle of radio-projects, podcasts hysteria. now as the early wishes and fantasies of the net/streaming movement under the flagg of brecht’s radio ideas are everyday life and basically everybody can or could broadcast (at least online) the problem seems to shift. as people once claimed the right to get access to the channels and to the transmitters now we have to ask who is listening, who cares? … with thilges, sarah washington + knut aufermann (resonance fm), sasker scheerder, felix kubin, alterazioni video, thom kubli + sven mann, radio simulator and many more. http://www.wand5.de/media-space_06/
(with friendly support by garage)

radio 1:1 on air in berlin

June 9th, 2006


[…] radioeinszueins.de presents a new kind of cultural radio in summer 2006 on 92.5 FM in Berlin and on the Web. As a continuation of reboot.fm and klubradio.de an automated Dokuradio is developed based on recordings of concerts, parties, lectures, readings and discussions. With the participation of the listeners an acoustic space opens up for the broad spectrum of the actual cultural production in Berlin.

Radioeinszueins continues the tradition of Berlin based free cultural radio projects like Juniradio.net, Radio Riff and reboot.fm. The long term goal is proving that free radio, combined with free software and digital technology is a viable, cost effective and culturally relevant form of local media. Working with pre-produced and archived material from event locations is one way of giving voice to the many cultural producers in Berlin. […]

you can listen to radio 1:1 in berlin on 95.2 FM or online:


and of course you can contribute: call for open contributions