radio 1:1 on air in berlin


[…] presents a new kind of cultural radio in summer 2006 on 92.5 FM in Berlin and on the Web. As a continuation of and an automated Dokuradio is developed based on recordings of concerts, parties, lectures, readings and discussions. With the participation of the listeners an acoustic space opens up for the broad spectrum of the actual cultural production in Berlin.

Radioeinszueins continues the tradition of Berlin based free cultural radio projects like, Radio Riff and The long term goal is proving that free radio, combined with free software and digital technology is a viable, cost effective and culturally relevant form of local media. Working with pre-produced and archived material from event locations is one way of giving voice to the many cultural producers in Berlin. […]

you can listen to radio 1:1 in berlin on 95.2 FM or online:

and of course you can contribute: call for open contributions

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