jupitter-larsen stralsund video

May 19th, 2006

jupitter-larsen stralsund video

The artist G.X. Jupitter-Larsen also known as The Haters gave one of his famous noise performances at the last festival edition. While in Stralsund he shot the video “STRALSUND 2005 - A comparison of the contrasting iconographies of digging and lighting”. (DV, B&W, 3′00″, Self-Released, 2006). You can see it online here: http://www.jupitter-larsen.com/video/stralsund.mov

Check out his ongoing video work here: http://www.jupitter-larsen.com/video/

radio_c audio archive at ZKM

May 13th, 2006

audio archive
Radio_Copernicus, the German-Polish Artist Radio, was a radio station for German and Polish artists. Its airwaves were open to any form of art which uses the medium of radio as a basis for aesthetic and creative activity. The station was conceived as an independent and transnational experiment to focus on artistic and cultural innovations in electronic media and digital culture.

It was on air for the first time at the garage festival 2005 at 93,0 FM 15 July - 21 August 2005 and afterwards went on to Warsaw Autumn, Berlin Festival Dis_Positionen at Academy of Arts and Wrocław, Poland for a month each…

The whole audio archive is now hosted by the mediathek at ZKM. All our concerts are archived there, tons of interviews with garage artists, spontaneous productions “the friendly take overs” of the studio and also a lot of productions under the use of our festival archives from the last years. You can browse the archive here: http://radio-c.zkm.de/


February 23rd, 2006


dear friends, 9 years garage in stralsund have been an exciting time
- thank you for your help and support, your ideas and energy. we
decided to stop the festival in stralsund next year. apart from
several formal reasons and the massive spatial changes on the harbour
island, it is first of all important for us to think about new ideas
and ways. it would be nice to do this together with you also in the
future. we keep you updated about upcoming adventures and wish you
all the best for 2006.

ozeaneum webcam

February 20th, 2006


here you can get an impression whats going on in stralsund right now on the port-island.
this webcam shows the current construction side of the ‘ozeaneum’ (a big sea-life museum) going to open in 2008. some informations about the project are online here: www.ozeaneum.de

news from the construction site can be found here: http://www.ozeaneum.de/aktuelles-baustelle0.html

foget it get it - podcasts

February 14th, 2006


Forget It? Get It! was a series of readings (initiated and organised by Oliver Bauerhenn) from short stories, excerpts of novels and graphic theory throwing a light on the different aspects, thoughts and possible consequences of the human impulse to collect and to remember and the ability to forget. This was a daily addition to the topic of the festival inviting several participants to talk about their work in respect to the reading material and also calls upon the audience to share their pools of wisdom.

All the podcasts are archived and available from here:

photo review festival 2005

February 13th, 2006


some images of the last festival edition can be found here

(this review was built by christian meinke)

festival 2005 review

February 1st, 2006

a review about the past festival written by joni taylor (free-soil.org) for rhizome.org can be found here