time’s up - the hub (produced by garage & tesla}

(foto: annette schaefer, berlin)
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for a whole month (18th of june – 18th of july) time’s up transfers
its laboratory for the construction of experimental situations from
the harbour of linz to the media-art-laboratory tesla.
in the foyer, club and inner courtyard of the podewils’sches palais
time’s up presents new installations and interfaces, e.g. the
movinginformationmachine and the adventurous playground, where the
audience can playfully participate in the acoustic and architectural
design of their environment. presentations and workshops as well as
an open lab situation give insight into the working methods and
approaches of the group. discussions and performances offer
interfaces and sources of friction with other presentation formats,
artists and topics. the central topic “interface” will also be
examined in its double meaning in relation to the role and function
of a media art house as a place for production and mediation.
between data flow and playground, workshop and public experiment,
concert and performance, inside and outside, in a deck chair on the
pool and at breakfast in the courtyard - the t e s l a / time’s up
hub gives the opportunity to docking, exchange, networking, to pass
on and to mediate. a hub that brings the summer flair of the harbour
of linz to berlin.


further information
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> time’s up
> installations
> salons
> workshops
> remixes


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1st week
sat 23.06. 8:30 pm opening / public presentation:
movinginformationmachine (mim)

2nd week
27.06. - 01.07. wed - sun 5 pm -10 pm: tesla and mim (open lab)
thur 28.06. 8:30 pm: salon I - time’s up: projects, plans and working methods
fri 29.06. 8:30 pm: opening: adventurous playground
sat 30.06. 8:30 pm: time’s up remixed I: the concept or mathematics
and misunderstandings - performance-programme - open stage (weekly
updates via web and flyer)

3rd week
04. - 08.07. wed - sun 5 pm -10 pm: tesla and mim / adventurous
playground (open for public)
05.-07.07. thur - sat: workshop I - open interface workshop (please register)
thur 05.07. 8:30 pm: salon II – space strategies and sound studies
fri 06.07. 8:30 pm: time’s up remixed I: the device or object and
desire - performance-programme - open stage (weekly updates via web
and flyer)
sat 07.07. 8:30 pm : workshop I: presentation of the results

4th week
11. - 15.07. wed - sun 5 pm -10 pm: tesla and mim / adventurous
playground (open lab)
12. - 14.07. thur - sat: workshop II - the hub - interact with time’s up
thur 12.07. 8:30 pm: salon III - ideal conditions - organisation,
production, mediation
fri 13.07. 8:30 pm: time’s up remixed III: the field test or animals
and men - performance-programme - open stage (weekly updates via web
and flyer)
sat 14.07. 8:30 pm: workshop II: presentation of the results - public
experiment and time’s up remixed III.2: last order
for the open interface workshop (05.-07.07) please register in
advance: workshop@timesup.org - number of participants limited


laboratory for the construction of experimental situations

time’s up is an open group of artists and researchers, founded in
1996 in the harbour of linz, that works on the borders of art,
science, and entertainment, on their interconnection and permanent
time’s up develops playful situations and technical installations
which challenge and investigate the trained automatisms of the body
and the biomechanics of the visitors. far more than interactive
installations, time’s up constructs hypotheoretical scenarios between
reality and virtuality, control and perception.
the construction of sometimes seemlingly absurd interfaces questions
the established notions of stage and medium. the visitors are welcome
as actors, as engineers as well as observers and are invited to think
together with the artists about the role of the public individual and
his playgrounds.

further information on time’s up’s activities and research can be
found at http://www.timesup.org



movinginformationmachine - mim: the movinginformationmachine (mim) is
a movable, mobile monitor, camera and speaker unit, functioning as a
central network node, which collects all the data from the whole
installation (the playground) and monitors them back continuously.
via various monitors, cameras and speakers the unit aims at a
concentrated, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word
moving audiovisual overstimulation. the physical assembly of the
playback and recording devices is planned as a 3 dimensional plastic.
no matter from which perspective the complex monitor sculpture is
looked at – the date flow/overflow is guaranteed. the mobility of the
sculpture is ensured by the montage of the whole unit on a track or
suspension system in the space. additionally, the montage of single
monitors, speakers, or cameras is such designed that these could be
partly removed from the unit. thus a dynamic, agile, in form and
content complex object is built that gives the impression of vitality
and emotionality.


adventurous playground: an oversized, wildly expanding children’s
adventure playground that has grown to adult sizes and proportions,
taking in elements of a normal playground and interweaving them in a
connected mesh of ropes, balances, nets and swings.
this playground form encourages the visitor to climb, to explore the
possibilities of the well-known space. the objects are, however
extended through a complex system of imaginary playmates: sensor
systems note the effects of the visitor as they swing on a knotted
rope, balance across a suspended pole. audio visual responses to
these motions are played into the space, the echoes of other visitors
playing, effects of motions and resonances of movement.
the playground does not limit itself to av responses. the objects in
the playground network are effected by actuators; pneumatic,
motorised and otherwise. these effects echo the motion of imaginary
play friends who are also using the space in another time and/or
modality. so a visitor can bounce upon a cargo net in one place, then
later bounce with themselves on the other side of the net. or with
someone from the previous day.
later developments of the playground will be integrated with the
planned virtual space representation, allowing players in the virtual
playground to be physically perceived by physical players and vice



salon I
time’s up - projects, plans and working methods

thur 28.06. 8:30 pm

time’s up introduces their work at t e s l a and their projects in general.

tim boyket and tina auer http://www.timesup.org

moderation: carsten stabenow


salon II
raumstrategien (space strategies) and sound studies: how to deal with public space - experiments in teaching

thur 05.07. 8:30 pm

two new university classes, that represent different positions of how
to deal with public space, present themselves. both positions show a
comprehensive approach, which implies social, scientific and medial
aspects in artistic and creative work.

prof. rainer w. ernst (masterclass „raumstrategien (space
strategies)“ at the art school berlin weissensee).
prof. dr. holger schulze (masterclass sound studies at the university of
arts berlin) & students/projects

moderation: carsten seiffarth (tesla)


salon III
ideal conditions: organisation, production and mediation

thur 12.07. 8:30 pm

various berlin project spaces, initiatives, and institutions present
their artistic approach and organisation formats. which conditions
for production and models of mediation are intended? what is the
experience in practice?

carsten seiffarth (tesla) http://www.tesla-berlin.de/
jan rohlf / oliver baurhenn (disk/general public) http://www.generalpublic.de/
torsten oetken / michael weinholzer (m12) http://m12.visomat.com/
gregor hotz (ausland) http://ausland-berlin.de
stephen kovats (transmediale) http://www.transmediale.de/
martin howse (pickled feet) http://1010.co.uk
anschlaege.de http://www.anschlaege.de

moderation: meike jansen (taz)



workshop I - interface workshop
basic information on sensor technology - basic experiments with sensor systems

05.-07.07. thur - sat 4 pm-8 pm


this workshop is meant to give those new to sensor technology and
eager to know and learn a rough overview: which sensors lead under
use of certain input devices to partly planned, partly always
surprising results. all information passed on in these days is based
on knowledge of time’s up’s own experience and experiments –
completeness will not be claimed therefore – the delight and joy at
the experiment, the enforcedly goal-oriented trial are central.


- laptop (ideally used by 2 persons – pair programming)
- installed and working version of max/msp/jitter or pd/gem (in case
of different environments – e.g. vvvv, blender, fluxus, packet force
… - please contact time’s up)
- interest in sensor technology, fun in experimenting


thur 05.07.
- short introduction in working methods and projects of time’s up
- overview and introduction to for sensor technology useful
applications of electronics (voltage, voltage divider …)
- spectrum of input interfaces (arduino, glui, cerf, icube)
- different types of sensors
- potentiometer, pressure, acceleration, proximity, movement,
rotation sensors, switches, photo resistors
- data flow over an ether network
- osc (opensoundcontrol)

fri 06.07.
- development of direct, straight control of simple output devices
(e.g. ventilators) through interfaces like e.g. arduino

sat 07.07.
- the adventurous playground, that has been installed by time’s up at
tesla, offers a number of input possibilities that can be read over a
network and are to be used as a trigger for different audiovisual

limited to max. 10 persons, please register in advance: workshop@timesup.org


workshop II - the hub - interact with time’s up
12. - 14.07 - thur - sat 4 pm - 8 pm

this workshop is primarily meant as a “networking tool”. the goal is
to bring together and above all with time’s up resourceful,
ingenious, keen to experiment, passionate people from different
fields (situation architecture, digital art, temporary architecture,
audiovisual design, club culture, acoustics, video, 3d modelling) who
are interested in interdisciplinary crossover in the sense of a
hybrid “connect everything with everything”.
a direct interaction with time’s up’s installations
“movinginformationmachine” and “adventurous playground” would be more
than welcome – a sustained extension, a continuous networking, a
long-term cooperation with berlin based artists who are active in
similar areas, would be ingenious.
for interested and invited people it would make sense to contact
time’s up already before the project starts – maybe at one of the
planned programme events in the first two week of time’s up’s stay in
berlin at t e s l a .

with: carlo crovato, martin howse, derek holzer, sara kolster, niklas
roy, sven könig, sukandar kartadinata, alexej paryla, and others.



the accompanying performance programme reflects the thematic key
aspects of the project. the formats and programmes refer to the
working process of time’s up and their guests. in line with to the
open workspace the single slots are also an invitation and offer the
opportunity to respond to the current state of the open lab situation.


time’s up remixed 0 - opening time’s up mim
sat 23.06. 8:30 pm

- remco packbiers (nl/d): p.a. dual monoturntabelism
in his p.a. dual-project, remco packbiers uses 4 to 8 mono record
players. his aim is to find the perfect musical fragment at the right
time in the right musical environment. for this he uses exclusively
analogue mixing techniques without dj mixer and crossfader and trusts
absolutely the characteristical sound of old directly micophoned dual


time’s up remixed I - the concept or mathematics and misunderstandings
sat 30.06. 8:30 pm

parallel to the first phase of the time’s up project, to the
presentation of their working methods and the initialisation of the
installations and interfaces, this programme deals with strongly
conceptually working positions.

- nicholas bussmann (d) + clare coooper (AUS)
nicholas bussmann began as a cello player. as many others he put his instrument aside and went for the new possibilities the computer and electronic devices offered. these days he is very much focusing on performing music rather then recording and is working on conceptional compositions and game structures. balancing acts and the play with listener expectation characterize his work.

clare cooper has developed a unique and extended series of techniques for improvising on the harp, primarily exploring gritty, animated sound that works against the instruments typecast. The strings grunt, snort and hiss under her tiny fingers.
Over the last few years she has played in Europe, Australia and New Zealand with all the major players in the emerging Australasian new impro scene. When not playing Harp she is a 3D animator and co-director of the NOW now series and festival of spontaneous music. She has never considered taking up the flute.



time’s up remixed II – the device or the object and desire
fr 06.07. 8:30 pm

part two focuses on the discussion of the object, tool and interface
and presents performance concepts that have been developed from a
concrete instrument-idea.

- derek holzer (us/d): soundcontainer / sound transmission
in his strongly space related installation work derek holzer deals
with the conservation and transmission of sound. he is fascinated by
the possibility to be able to store sound particles, concentrated in
one object, for the next 100 years and to spread them undercover of
legal borders via airwaves to every spot in the space.

- wessel westerveld (nl) / viljam nybacka (fi): sound by sculpture
“sound by sculpture” is an installation instrument that takes the
audience on a trip through a world of mechanics. all sounds are
generated by small machines, these samples are then played live with
switchboard and audiomixer. for this performance wessel westeveld
cooperates with the finn viljam nybacka and his prepared bass.


time’s up remixed III – the field test or animals and men
fr 13.07. 8:30 pm

the last week deals with ideas and positions of presentation and
mediation, established modes of reception versus performative
experiments are discussed.

- marek brandt (d): music for animals (presentation)
marek brandt introduces his performance and research series “music
for animals”. this series is part of his extensive field studies that
deal with established performance practice and concert situations as
well as conceptually with a totally different audience - animals.
what kind of music do cats like, how can you play for an elephant,
how patient are spanish bulls, or what can a concert for fish look
like? the project discusses zoological questions and phenomena of
perception. http://www.marek-brandt.de/main.html

- laptoporchester (d): terry riley “in c”
alexander augsten/ marek brandt / andrés g. jankowski / oliver kiesow / hendrik kröz / stephane leonard / shintaro miyazaki / nicolas weiser / martin klemmer / andré klein
the laptoporchester berlin is an executing laptop ensemble that
performs live commissioned compositions of different genres. for this
project they are invited to dock their orchestra on the adventurous
playground and to experiment with multi channel sound distribution,
the possibilities of direct positioning of sound and performer, and
audience interaction with control parameters.

- kotra (ukr) + viktor dovhalyuk (ukr) : panic room
with a background in mathematics and classical guitar the ukrainian
dmytro fedorenko develops with custom-made instruments sound worlds
between micro tonality and noise that test the borders of audibility.
for this evening he will be supported by viktor dovhalyuk who is probably most known for his excelent minimal graphic and video works with akuvido.


time’s up remixed (III/2) - last order
sat 14.07. 8:30 pm

- mattin (e/d): the beauty of anti
mattin, basque artist living in london and berlin, works between
noise and improvisation. the only thing that is 100 percent
predictable about his performances is that definitely nothing is
predictable. http://www.mattin.org

- Marcelo Aguirre (arg/d)
Marcelo Aguirre hails from Argentina and has resided in the city of Berlin for the past seven years. Armed with drums and vocals his aim is to cover a wide spectrum of challenging sounds and manners between improvised brutal death metal and exhilarating just intonation drones, pointillist ambient/free improv, complex harmonics mayhem, guttural feedback, with country & western elements and some ritualistic dissonance in countless colaboration projects with oth artists. Although rare, solo appearances are covered by rough immediacy…

- hassan khan (eg) + geert-jan hobijn (staalplaat soundsystem) (nl):
lust / figure and ground / tabla dubb

The piano sections included in this performance were composed and recorded a couple of months ago in podgorica. These simple compositions were interested in structure and architecture- the way a proposition is stated and developed.The recording was done behind the firewall of the national theater whose wooden floor and extremely high cielings provided excellent natural reverb. Tonight segments from these recordings are rearranged to provide a structure for a live improvisation session using live feedbacking mixers, a battery of filters in conjunction with Geert-Jan’s vinyl loops library and turntables.
Hassan Khan works with image, sound, text, music and concept. His album tabla dubb has just been released on the 100COPIES label. Khan lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.

The idea for ‘Yokomono White’ was made for the avanto festival in helsinky but never realised nor tested.
yokomono white is just old turntables with paper tubes (vor children when they go the first time to school) and needles.
this is a experimental version tested on stage in conjunction with Hassan Khan

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