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Radio_Copernicus - The German-Polish artist radio

192k mp3 (DSL)

What is happening to radio, if artists get hold of it? Radio_Copernicus tries to answer this question in various ways and thereby avails itself of music, spoken word, hoerspiel and acoustic media art. The program is dedicated to the multitude of aesthetic concepts and strategies of the digital age and will, at the same time, value the history of radio art and sonic media art in general. Initial point is not only the German and Western European radio art as it is developed and presented for decades in established and alternative media. Especially the Polish scene has a long, internationally renowned tradition of acoustic art forms, which emerged from experimental studios both at Polskie Radio and music universities such as Poznan, Krakau, Wroclaw, Lodz. At the same time there are artistic activities in the so-called free and "underground" scene of Poland at least since the end of the eighties, which are dedicated particularly to new electroacoustic languages, concepts and their connection to media and digital technology. Since there is hardly a public forum in Poland, Radio_Copernicus would like to offer a media-platform to these art forms and to support the further emergence of relevant artistic work. Thus a necessary development is reflected in this project, which is relevant for a coalescence of Europe on many levels: realizing jointly art projects. The airwaves are opened to artistic explorations of any kind, as long as they understand radio as an aesthetic and creative activity. This will make Radio_Copernicus an art event in itself. Being an independent and transnational experiment it concentrates on artistic and cultural innovations within the range of electronic media and digital culture. The superordinate focus of the program is URBANITY to emphazise the innovative artistic and cultural scenes of the respective regions, where the program is broadcasted from. Radio_Copernicus aims at strengthening the artists‘ access to rad,?io, and seeks to join the political claim for independent artists‘ radio’s access to frequency and broadcast. In accordance with the German-Polish year 2005/06, the project takes a binational perspective which is based on a collective European identity. The artist radio will be on transmission from mid-July to the end of December 2005: online, via internet livestream, on air, over temporary radio frequencies in Poland and Germany, as well as locally, in co-operation with music and media art festivals of both countries.

Radio_Copernicus @
garage, Stralsund, 15.July – 21.August

The first station for Radio_Copernicus is the garage-festival in Stralsund. On the 15th of July, in the forefront of garage, the Artist Radio will already begin a daily 24-hour-broadcast on-air. On the local frequency 93,0 FM an artistically designed test transmission will cover announcements of the coming program, the playing of soundscapes and music of independent Polish labels stirred by stirred by a sonically designed countdown. The opening of the festival garage is the initiation of the live-broadcast on the 22nd of July. This year’s theme, “forget it! don’t trust your archives”, be-comes as well a thematic starting point for productions of the radio station (“ga-rage music live”). Radio_Copernicus’ program counteracts oblivion, which is associated to the faith in archiving. Therefore not only the archives of the garage-festival are presented in Poland and Germany, but also commissioned works reflect the contemporary radio- and media-aesthetic tendencies in both countries. These are genuine productions of the medium reflecting it. They are at the centre of the program during the daily 6-hour live-frame.

Radio Art today- Re-Inventing Radio III

From 29. - 31 July 2005 an open conference with the topic Radioart today- Re-Inventing Radio III takes place, inviting persons artistically engaged in free radios and “established” media. Thereby the interrelations between radio art and politics are li,?t up. During the conference the participants will discuss about the different conditions allowing art in radio. Different aesthetic, artistic and organizational premises and results as well as the political dimensions of practical experience and practices in radio art will be on the schedule as well. Organized by Radio_Copernicus in collaboration with the ORF-Kunstradio and the festival garage. Direction:
Sabine Breitsameter, in co-operation with Elisabeth Zimmermann and Heidi Grundmann.

production team of Radio_Copernicus:
The production team consits of three German and three Polish young radio professionals:

Jacek Skolimowski, Warsaw. For Radio_Copernicus Jacek Skolimowski works among other things as DJ and moderator.
Marta Sztanka, Warsaw. Main focus at Radio_Copernicus: new literature, contemporary Polish art scene, media art festivals, free radio projects.
Adam Witkowski, Danzig. Works for Radio_Copernicus mainly as technique-expertand as musician within the range of archives, DJ sets and presentation.
Martin Conrads, Berlin. Programme emphasis at Radio_Copernicus: media contexts, artistic productions and experimental radio work.
Thomas Doctor, Berlin. Main focus at Radio_Copernicus: literature, radio play and experimental word and sound productions.
Olaf Matthes, Greifswald. Works for Radio_Copernicus as a technical director and as a producer of music and word contributions.

project coordination in Poland
Robert Gawlowski, Wroclaw.
Barbara Wi_ckowska, Wroclaw. Interpreter & assistant of the Polish project coordination.

Project directors at Radio_Copernicus
Thomas Schumacher / Katrin Werner
Prof. Sabine Breitsameter - project director and art director at Radio_Copernicus

The detailed programme and broadcast scheme will be published on a separate programm flyer and online at
Radio_Copernicus is funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation.