‘line/tilt’ installation for soundroom, Hailuoto Finland


I the frame of Wind as context - Wilderness Art Conference, Carsten Stabenow was invited to realize a site specific work for the soundroom/hai art project - a new space/residency place on the island Hailuoto in northern Finland.

Reflecting on the location – the history of the place as an old pilot station/observatory as well as the local surrounding and it‘s climate conditions and peculiarities – the work approaches the festivals topic ‚wind as context‘ and experiments with the sonification of the environment.
In the attic of the building long strings are installed, tuned to the resonant frequencies of the of the timber construction. A resonator/sensor unit outside on the roof picks up the constant wind-energy-caused micro vibration of the roof construction and renders the signal via small transducers to the strings. Between the strings and the timber roof construction a dynamic feedback loop is generated which is constantly modulated by the random wind energy. The whole space becomes a resonating structure like the body of a wooden instrument and one can observe the many phenomena occuring in vibrating strings - shooting sounds like in upper electricity cables for trains, rythmic frequency patterns ranging from a short reverb to longer echo sounds, higher pitched natural overtones, a rich variety of slides and frequency shifts.

The work will be open daily over the summer between 9AM and 7PM.





Some more images can be found here >>>.

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