structures - clubtransmediale 2009

bckRight now we are working on a discourse-, workshop- and exhibition programme for the 10th anniversary of club transmediale in Berlin. Under the title “STRUCTURES – Backing-up Independent Audio-visual Cultures” the festival wants to investigate into the structural foundations of independent music culture and the convergence of sound and media cultures.The program will highlight the the role of small scale free independent companies, projects, initiatives and networks as laboratories and breeding grounds for new aesthetical and social experiments. It will re-evaluate “Independent Strategies” againts the backdrop of current transformations of music culture and economy. Thus we will look at historical approaches, but only to gain alternative perspectives on current developments and on new possibilities the future might offer. Especially we want to discuss the cultural value of music and what alternative motivations might derive from those values in opposition to a music economy that is mainly focussed on revenue. How can one balance out artistic autonomy, socialy and politicaly relevant activity and the need to earn a livelihood? Which methods, structures, organising activities offer possibilities for self-determined, democratic and sustainable cultural work?The programm (23.01.-31.01.2009) with theoretical lectures, discussions, film-screenings, workshops and laboratory situations will take place in the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien in Berlin. More info on the programme soon.

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