Camera Lucida exhibition - installation 
Evelina Domnitch (BY/US) 
Dmitry Gelfand (RU/US) 

Camera Lucida is a three-dimensional sonochemical observatory that directly converts sound waves into light by employing a phenomenon called sonoluminiescence. Within a transparent chamber filled with a gas-infused liquid, multiple ultrasonic transducers generate arrays of glowing sound fields. At the core of the phenomenon of sonoluminescence is a bubble. Bubbles naturally occur in liquids and are also produced artificially. In Camera Lucida bubbles are produced by an acoustic field that ruptures the liquid. Each bubble oscillates up to 140 thousand times per second a process characterized by bubble collapses and peculiar bubble interactions leading to shock waves, light emissions, jet formations and specifically structured dynamic bubble configurations. The project was conceived as an artwork as well as a musical instrument that allows sounds to be seen and shaped as they move through space.